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  • "An African Engagement," A book review of John Mc Leod and Kenneth Robbins (Eds.), African Elites in India, Mapin and Grantha, Ahmedabad and New York, 2006, in The Biblio: A Review of Books, Nov-Dec 2006.
  • "Woman as Territory, Territory as Woman and the Metaphors of Conquest  - Feminine Iconography in India; A Case Study of the Verbal and Visual Narratives from the Peninsula, in Seva Bharati Journal of English Studies, Vidyasagar University, West Bengal, Forthcoming Volume (In Press).

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  •  “Funerary Ideas in the Islamic Societies and their artistic Expressions,” in association with Dr. Mazhar Hussain of the Centre for Indian Languages, JNU, New Delhi, in Harsh Dehejia (Ed.), Gods Beyond Temples, Motilal Banarasidass, New Delhi, 2006. 
  •    “Art and Architecture as Symbols of Change: Buddhist Caves of Bagh in Madhya Pradesh”, Indica, The Journal of the Heras Institute of History and Archaeology, St. Xavier’s College, Bombay, September, 1997. 
  •   “Of Sculptures and Legends”, Book Review, New Delhi, December, 1995. 
  •  “ Tiger in miniature Paintings,” in Valmik Thapar (Ed.), Tiger: The Ultimate Guide, UBS and Two Brothers, New York, 2004. 
  • "Visual and Verbal Discourses on the Roayal-Divine Image in Early Mediaeval Peninsular India, Studies in History, Vol. 22, No. 1, 77-95 (2006), Sage Publications, Delhi.

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      CULTURAL AND VISUAL FLUX AT EARLY HISTORICAL BAGH IN CENTRAL INDIA, Being published by The Archaeopress, Oxford, UK (In Press).        

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 For the full texts of these papers, contact Archana Verma.

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